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* We are not financial advisors, we are not investment professionals or accountants. Do your own due diligence. We offer products that we feel and have the opinion that  can go up in value based on history but like anything else it can depreciate. Please be aware that customer service is our highest priority and that is why we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee which means that if you are unhappy for any reason we will try and make it right weather its a refund (within 14 days on most products) and exchange (if product is available) or whatever it takes to make your experience a pleasant one. We have zero complaints and will keep it that way. 

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As a very selective boutique of online products we feel confident that we will be your go to store for all tangible investment type goods. Whether you want an exclusive set of gold bars or a US mint proof coin ounce of gold we have it all in stock and we always ship all of our items for free.

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Investing in Gold

Everywhere you turn, investing in gold has seemed to be the ‘trend’ for new and professional investors that seek to turn a profit. While it is true that investments in gold can help to diversify your investment portfolio, you still want to be educated before you put your money down on the table. There are three basic types of gold that you can buy into:

  • Gold stocks – Sold by licensed commodity brokers, you can purchase stock in a mutual fund especially dedicated to gold or a gold mining firm’s actual stock. Many appreciate this form of investment because there is often more liquidity to these than gold and there is no physical gold to store.

  • Gold bullion – Sold by gold dealers and not used in daily commerce, the value of these bars is determined by their physical condition and the rarity of the metal.

  • Coins – Coin collectors often buy and sell these gold coins because they are historically or aesthetically valuable.

Depending on the type of gold that you plan to purchase it is important to keep in mind that the price of gold will increase, or that it will even maintain its value over time, so it is a large risk. You also want to ensure that you are purchasing your gold from reliable seller and that you are getting the true melt value for coins purchased. It can help to work with a financial advisor before making your purchases and asking an independent appraiser for verification of the value of any purchase you make.

Additionally, with so many television ads and print schemes surrounding gold, you want to be sure to stay away from promotions and ‘act quick’ scams that promise to maximize your purchase. Investing in gold is a serious investment that shouldn’t be entered into lightly, ever.

With Gold Coins And Bars you can purchase physical assets that collectors not only enjoy but can cash in for a profit when needed. We also buy your collectible items and investment products from you so if their is an item you have that you want to sell or even possibly trade with us please email us today. 

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